Tom's Burgers - 3566 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90063, (323) 261 - 7536

Best Burrito in East LA

When the the Greek immigrant s family started their first Mexican restaurant in East LA more than 58 years ago, they were not the first to bring Mexican food to East Los Angeles., nor were they the first to sell a  best burrito. But they were very specific on their goal- they wanted to elevate LOs Angeles version of the best Mexican Burrito to perfection.
That meant looking at every aspect of the cooking process, not only how to bring the local fresh ingredients from farmers markets to restaurant and how to prepare them to a new level of excellence ,but also how to make sure every aspect of Home made Mexican food experience is fast and reasonably priced.
The Tom’s Burgers also introduced the best burrito in East LA house made beans , free house made pickles and a fresh salsa. Because best Mexican food in East LA has to be about the flavor , if you want to stay in business here in Los Angeles.
Over the more than 58 years the restaurant have served the East LA and other communities near Downtown Los Angeles, the restaurants and burrito stands  have come and gone are too numerous to mention. But if you ask somebody local who has been around East Los Angeles for a long time, chances are they will let you know about Tom’s Burgers and the best burrito they serve. Hard to find a better answer than local people appreciation and loyalty.