Tom's Burgers - 3566 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90063, (323) 261 - 7536

Burgers in East LA

Greek immigrant family created the Tom’s burger restaurant in East LA.
For those of you who may be so unfortunate and never tastes our best burgers in East LA  we will try to explain it as best as possible. There are no words in English or Spanish known to a human that can explain the taste of our best burger.

The burgers starts off simple ingredients but results in a complex of pickles ,our own sauce ,great grilled bread, meat patty and hot chilly pepper. We use contact grill for bread and patty ,make fried onions and use the same recipe and taste for East LA burgers for more than 58!  
On that same contact grill we slow cook pounds onions until they are almost transparent, perfectly caramelized and melt in your mouth  combined with a our famous fried onion rings.
To make the burgers we mix fresh cabbage ,tomato  on the inside the bread with home made sauce place the freshly cooked meat inside. On top of burgers we place a sweetest grilled onions . Then we finish the burgers with a couple of hot chilly peppers, wrapping it in paper and serve East LA community .
Want to order the burgers to go ? We will serve you to go order  as it was done in East LA sin 1956.
To this day will still have the best burgers prepared for people according to our special recipe.
Others have imitated, but only Tom’s Burgers has been perfect choice of several generations.This  blend of every ingredient that makes these burgers that famous in East LA.