Tom's Burgers - 3566 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90063, (323) 261 - 7536

Los Angeles Burgers

Tom’s Burger got his start on 1956 in East Los Angeles. This burgers restaurant quickly become known for his fun loving character as well as making best burgers in East Los angeles. Loyal customers lined the street on the weekends lunch time and early in the morning for breakfast for a taste of our delicious burgers creations.We always now it is funny that a Greek immigrants opened a burgers stand in a Jewish and then heavily populated mexican neighborhood in Los Angeles. But that is our style to love and respect all kind of people. After meeting with a great  success in offering pastrami burgers and hotdogs, we decided to offer tacos and traditional burgers for Los Angeles residents. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles area was hit hard with financial crisis but our burgers restaurant try to keep prices low and affordable. A major metro construction began a few years ago and now more people in Los Angeles can walk to our restaurant opening . At one point our accountants advised us to sell the place to big corporation like IN an Out Burgers . But we would have nothing to do with this idea and like In an Out burgers employee are buying our famous Los Angeles burgers!