Tom's Burgers - 3566 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90063, (323) 261 - 7536


The legend of Tom’s Burgers started in Los Angeles over 58 years ago when a young Greek immigrants family named arrived in America. Once in Los Angeles, restaurants began working serving best pastrami sandwiches on the busy corner of Hicks and East 1st Streets In East Los Angeles . We worked hard,open the restaurant from and then made it literally best pastrami sandwich place in Los Angeles. We created pastrami sandwich with  fresh sweet onions ,pickles and homemade sauce. Probably there has never been a pleasure as good and as simple as taking a bite into pastrami sandwich. Today we continue to serve original pastrami sandwich and burgers like we did when he first invented it in 1956, along with several other burgers, tacos,hotdogs ,homemade chile beans and traditional french fries.
Tom’s Burgers is one of the oldest  is the longest continuously operating pastrami sandwich establishments to have once done business in this area of Los Angeles. We have been serving community and local businesses since 1956, with more than 58 years of history on a east 1st street .Our restaurant was so well known and has so consistently served Los Angeles community that people already moved to different areas of Los Angeles and still coming back for famous pastrami sandwiches. People still identify this part of East LA with the sweet smell of burgers.