Tom's Burgers - 3566 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90063, (323) 261 - 7536

Los Angeles Hotdogs

Tom’s Burgers is a Los Angeles hot dog stand located within 5 minutes drive form Downtown Los Angeles. Our location would be considered in East Los Angeles neighborhood. Located at the intersection of east 1street and Hicks avenue Tom’s has called this intersection home of the best hotdogs for over 58 years. 
This is family owned and operated still to this day. For over 58 years we tried its best to keep serving hotdogs what Los Angeles knows to be the best style hot dogs ,burgers and pastrami burgers near Downtown  Los Angeles. We do it our special way . What you see is what you get and what you pay for.
Dear customers we only serve all products from local companies with fresh vegetables. There is absolutely without any question fresh salsa, cooked beans and onion rings. So when you come to our Los Angeles hotdog place remember to order spicy pickles and onion rings.
After been in hotdog business in Los Angeles for more than 58 years we have a strong sense of traditions. They are slowly fading away in present day in Downtown Los Angeles area. Tom’s is not only a landmark in Los Angeles but also stands as a local hotdog tradition tradition. Frozen hotdogs is not a product that was ever used so we will always remain that way to bring people from other Los Angeles areas  who just don not know any better hotdog place. So if you can understand the reason and respect it come on by and try our hotdogs!