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  • Famous Tacos

    Tom's Burgers is home of famous taco in East Los Angeles. We are willing to bet that if you try any dish from our Mexican menu selection , you will find tortillas, carne asada tacos with home made salsa as good as you will find hot dogs and burgers! Toms famous tacos are so fantastic that many people would drive across town for them.We've been serving first class authentic tacos since 1956. The tacos are made fresh to order, so waiting few minutes in line is worth it. the tacos are prepared with fresh shredded beef and sliced lettuce in a freshly cooked tortillas. All our taco dishes are famous in satisfying any Mexican food lover !

  • Fried Chicken

    Since 1956 we use a very simple formula: always fresh ingredients, quality service and good value.The best fried chicken comes from Tom's Burgers. Our juicy, right flavored moist and crispy fried chicken become one of the most popular dish in the menu. Why wait try it now!

  • Tom’s Famous Burger

    Our famous Tom's Burger always comes in first for a reason ! Our restaurant is legendary in East Los Angeles area for the fact that we been in business for more than 58 years and never use frozen meet, crunch buns are delivered daily. That means fresh ingredients, always. The 1/4 pound beef patty burger with home made sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion never disappoints. Just order spicy chilly pepperchino and you'll get a real winner !


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Saturday & Sunday
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